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National Design Competition

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q&A - Read recent answers to competitor questions and review the design competition checklist.

General Questions

  • Who can participate in the Design Competition? This design competition is open to artists; landscape architects; architects; and students currently enrolled in a university-level program. An individual, a team of individuals or a firm can compete. For individual competitors, a university degree or state-issued license in architecture or landscape architecture is not required. All individual competitors must be at least 18 years of age.
    To be eligible, a competing individual, one member of a competing team or one owner of a competing firm must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States. Complete eligibility and registration requirements can be found in the Design Competition Brief.
  • What do I need to get started? Download the Design Competition Brief PDF and read it carefully. You will also want to review the online site maps, plans and related photos.
  • Do I need to Pre-Register? Pre-registration entails no obligation but enables the PCCF to keep interested competitors informed during the competition. Visit:
  • What is the deadline for Stage I Design submissions? The current deadline for Stage I Design submissions is June 12th, 4:00pm ET. Please refer to the Schedule page for all deadlines.
  • Where will the Peace Corps Commemorative be situated? The site is located in Washington, DC, within walking distance of the U.S. Capital Building and Capital Grounds. See Site Information and Description details.
  • What are the Registration Fees? Prior to or upon submission of a Stage I design concept, each competing entity - individual, team or firm - must register by completing a design concept submission form accompanied by a $100.00 non-refundable registration/entry fee. For university students, the non-refundable registration/entry fee is $50.00.
  • How many Design Concepts can be submitted? A single competing entity - individual, team of individuals or firm - may submit more than one Stage I design concept by paying a $100.00 entry fee, or $50.00 for university students, for each additional Stage I design concept submitted.
  • What is the Peace Corps?
    - Visit:
    - Watch: The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love. [1978, video 25 min.]
    - Peace Corps videos
    - National Peace Corps Association videos
    - Historical Peace Corps footage on YouTube

Design Concept Questions

  • What are the design concept requirements for the Peace Corps commemorative work design competition? All design competition requirements and guidelines for Stage I and Stage II are contained in the Design Competition Brief.

Submission Questions

  • What is The PCCF is using, linked to the design competition website,, to establish a unique User Account for each competitor; to record and confirm pre-registrations; to communicate with competitors; to process Stage I design concept submission forms; to upload design concept files; and to process registration/entry fee payments (payable by credit card). enables a competitor to save a draft of the design concept submission form. Registration/entry forms, fees and uploaded design concepts must be submitted on or before the deadline stipulated in the competition Schedule.
  • How do I use For questions about using services, please review Submittable's online Help Desk.'s telephone number is (855) 467-8264.

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